Turkish Signature on the ‘World’s First and Only Solar Power Fence System’!

Kösedağ, the first manufacturer of wire fences in Turkey, leads the sector with its innovative perspective, integrated security solutions and quality products. Kösedağ, the founder of the first and only R&D center in the sector, carries out many different prestigious projects with its wide range of products and special technologies it develops from high-security projects to international borders, from public projects to residential areas. One of the innovative solutions developed by Kösedağ is the world’s first and only solar power fence system…

Attracting attention with its unique, durable and elegant design, the Solar Power Fence System provides lightening across the fence during the night with the energy from the sun during the daytime. It is applicable to all the posts including K-dag metal and aluminum fence posts as well as existing posts in the application area. 

Thanks to this special system developed by Kösedağ, each post provides lightening independently without the need for any infrastructure, cable or connection. It is possible to integrate a solar head, which is made of a special material resistant against impacts and severe weather conditions, to the system.

There is no need for drilling or additional connection accessories during the assembly of the panels on the posts thanks to the special section structure of K-dag Aluminum and Metal Fence Posts, which has a unique compatibility with the Power Fence System. This brings an advantage of easy-to-installation and assembly. This Solar Power Fence System of Kösedağ, which exports products to more than 70 countries, are used in prestigious projects in many countries for different areas such as highways, airports, shopping malls, industrial facilities and residential Human Relations.

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