Kösedağ Leaves Its Mark on Batimat

During Batimat, one of the world’s most important construction fairs, the Anti-Vandal Posts developed by Kösedağ for such areas that require high security and, the world’s first and only solar power illuminated fence posts have attracted great attention.


As the first wire fence manufacturer of Turkey, Kösedağ offers integrated security solutions through its comprehensive range of products and special systems it has developed.  As the founder of the first and only R&D center in the sector in Turkey, Kösedağ continues to introduce innovative security solutions it has developed at national and international fairs and exhibitions. Within this framework, Kösedağ has introduced its products to the sector professionals from different countries throughout the world during the 60th International Construction Industry Fair (Batimat) organized in France between November 4 and 8, 2019. 

The world’s first and only solar power illuminated fence posts, the new Anti-Vandal posts designed for high security areas, special gate systems, decorative and aesthetic panels introduced by Kösedağ, a company that exports its products to more than 70 countries, have attracted great attention. 

Making considerations on the fair, Ali Kösedağ has stated as follows: “We at Kösedağ have been offering perimeter security solutions with a sector-leading and innovative point of view for more than 40 years. We are one of the brands that are preferred in such projects with strategic importance that require high security not only in Turkey but also many other countries throughout the world. We do not only manufacture the world’s most quality and reliable products in our sector but also, break grounds through our R&D operations. We export our products to more than 70 countries. During Batimat that has hosted about 350 thousand visitors this year, our environmentally friendly fence systems that are long-lasting and high corrosion resistance tanks to the nano-technology we make use of have attracted great attention. Our target is to keep our leading position in the sector by means of increasing the number of prestigious projects we are involved at many different platforms such as international borders, high security projects, transportation projects, industrial facilities, housing and commercial areas, and sports facilities.”

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