Leem Fence Metal Posts

Jaguar Metal Post is a galvanized post system with increased strength making it possible to install the panel to the post flaps thanks to its special cross section structure. Compatible with all the panel types. High resistance, strength and easy to install thanks to its special double layer design. Requires no fittings since it is attachable to the post flaps. This special system prevents the panel from being removed and, offers extra security against external security threats. It has a higher corrosion resistance since there is no need to drill holes during the assembly of the panel on the post. Long lasting. Losses that may occur during the conventional techniques such as cutting, welding, clamping etc. are completely eliminated since it is manufactured from a single sheet metal. Coating is not damaged since there is no need to drill any holes during the installation. Easy to install on slopping lands thanks to discharges on the post channels. There is no need to extra posts at corners and turnings. A solar cover may be added to the K-Dag Metal posts, which use plastic covers as a standard system.

Areas Of Usage

Public Areas
Parks and Gardens
High Security Areas
Transportation Projects
Power Plants
Industrial Facilities

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