Leem Fence Anti Vandal Posts

Leem Fence anti-vandal post is a fence post that offers a high level of security against external interventions especially in strategic locations. Provides a maximum level of security in high risk locations and, fast and easy to install thanks to its unique design. Prevents the wire from being dismantled from outside since there is no connection, assembly, clipping, screwing and fitting parts on the exterior surface. Panels mounted to the posts from inside eliminates any difficulties in respect of installation and occupational safety risks in case of application on sites with higher frontages. Possible to angle and slope the panels during the installation on slopping lands thanks to the flaps on the front face of the posts. Possible to install on any type of graded walls and lands considering the different elevations and grades without the need for any discharging and forms on the post flaps.

Requires about 2.5 m less materials per 100 m thanks to the space between the channels in the post design.

Areas Of Usage

Public Areas
International Borders
High Security Areas
Transportation Projects
Power Plants
Industrial Facilities
Military Zones

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