Leem Fence Aluminum Posts

A unique and patented post system from Kösedağ made of aluminum profiles with a solar illumination system, for the first time in the world. Kösedağ has brought a revolutionary innovation to the perimeter security sector by means of integrated the led lights and solar cover specially designed for K-Dag Aluminum posts to the entire system.  K-DAG Aluminum posts are preferred in many prestigious projects since they offer a high level of security, elegant design and energy saving.  Provides maximum level of illumination on the fence line with minimum energy thanks to solar power panels. High strength and easy to install thanks to the special geometric cross section of the profile. Solar covers are specially manufactured from polycarbonate materials resistant against impacts and weather conditions. Provides a maximum level of efficiency considering the azimuth thanks to the movable solar panel inside the cover. Requires no hole and welding since it is attachable to the post flaps and has a special coupling design. Made of aluminum to prevent corrosion.

Areas Of Usage

Public Areas
Parks and Gardens
High Security Areas
Transportation Projects
Power Plants
Industrial Facilities

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